Hose Genie Complete Installation Packages are ideal for first time installers and contain EVERYTHING needed for the perfect installation, but for Do-It-Yourselfers at the next level with a little more experience, customize your installation package here.


1. Choose your inlet kit(s).  2. Chose your central vacuum power unit.  3. Order.

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At Hose Genie, we’ve been retractable hose fanatics for over 16 years. With thousands of satisfied customers and installations under our belts, Hose Genie is your #1 source for retractable hose installation equipment, supplies and knowledge.

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(If you are adding a retractable hose to an existing central vacuum system or if you already have a central vacuum power unit, then you will only need  Step #1)  

How to choose which kit or kits for your project

There are four types of Hose Genie Installation Kits to choose from:

  1. Primary Inlets with Hose Socks
  3. Primary Inlets without Hose Socks
  4. Add-On Inlets without Hose Socks (ADD-ON KITS ARE CURRENTLY DISCONTINUED)


  1. PRIMARY INLETS contain everything you need to install an inlet with a hose, PLUS all the vacuum attachments you need to clean your home.  EVERY INSTALLATION NEEDS AT LEAST ONE PRIMARY INLET KIT.
  2. ADD-ON INLETS contain everything you need to install an inlet with a hose and can use the vacuum attachments from the PRIMARY KIT.  ADD-ON INLETS are used to cover areas in your home that the PRIMARY INLET hose cannot reach.
  3. HOSE WITH SOCK is a hose with a soft covering that may protect delicate furniture and baseboards.
  4. HOSE WITHOUT SOCK is a standard hose without covering.  All retractable hoses are extremely lightweight  and manufactured of softer materials compared to traditional central vacuum hoses and are highly unlikely to cause damage to furniture legs and baseboard corners.


Hose Length: 30 - 40 - 50 or 60 Foot Hose?

 *RECOMMENDATION: Always use the longest hose length possible in every inlet.  Since our inlets allow you to pull out and lock in place from zero to maximum length, it is better to have too much hose and not need it than to underestimate and not have enough hose.

After determining which type of Hose Kit you prefer, decide what hose length you need for your outlet(s). 

You may feel a long hose will be difficult to manage and pull around, however Hose Genie Hoses are 1/3 the weight of traditional central vacuum hoses, extremely pliable, soft and crush-proof.  Even with numerous obstacles such as furniture, fixed cabinets and walls to navigate around, the Hose Genie Hose System is a pleasure to use.  And, of course, storing the hose away takes only seconds.

Tip: Measure and test hose length in an existing home using a string equal to the length of hose.  Secure the string with a thumbtack to the location where you want to install the valve.  Make sure the length of string will reach all areas needed.

Hose Length Coverage Areas:

30 Foot Hose: 600 – 800 sq/ft.

40 Foot Hose: 1200 – 1400 sq/ft.

50 Foot Hose: 1800 – 2200 sq/ft.

60 Foot Hose: 2600 – 2800 sq/ft.



2000 square foot home: 

  • (1) 50′ hose inlet.  The 50′ may work. Measure to be sure.
  • (1) 60′ hose inlet.  This should definitely do the job. (OUR RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION)
  • (1) 30′ hose inlet + (1) 40′ hose inlet will do between 1800 and 2200 sq/ft.  You should measure the area to be sure.
  • (2) 40′ hose inlets = 2400 to 2800 sq/ft.

3300 square foot home: 

A 3300 sq/ft home will need a minimum of two inlets to cover all areas.  A Primary and an Add-On or if you want the convenience of multiple sets of cleaning tools, then (2) Primary Inlet Kits will do.  Of course you can use as many inlets as you desire, however there is typically no need for more than two inlets in this size space.  Some combinations that will work are as follows:

  • (1) 40 foot inlet + (1) 60 foot inlet will cover 3800 sq/ft at a minimum, so you’re good.
  • (2) 50 foot inlets.
  • (1) 50 foot inlet + (1) 60′ foot inlet.
  • (2) 60 foot inlets.  (OUR RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION)

6000 square foot home:

A 6000 square foot home will need a minimum of 3 inlets to reach all areas:

  • (1) 40 foot inlet + (1) 50 foot Inlet + (1) 60 foot inlet will cover between 5600 and 6400 sq/ft and may work if you measure correctly.
  • (3) 50 foot inlets will cover between 5400 and 6600 and may work if you measure correctly.
  • (2) 50 foot inlets plus (1) 60 foot inlet.
  • (3) 60 foot inlets. (OUR RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION)


These examples should give you a general idea of Inlet Hose Lengths and how many inlets you will need for your installation project.  There are no limits to the number of configurations possible other than practicle considerations.  While the examples given only go up to 6000 square foot, there is no limit to the square footage that you can accommodate with the right number of inlets and central vacuum power units.

If you have questions, need help or would like Hose Genie to make recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Now that you’ve picked out your Inlet Kit(s) in Step #1, you’re ready to add a Central Vacuum Power Unit. 

Once again we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the right machine for your project by indicating a maximum recommended square-foot coverage area for each unit. 

All machines come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty, but Hose Genie upgrades this to a full 25 year Manufacturer’s Warranty when you bundle your purchase with one or more of our Installation Kits above in Step #1.

How to choose which power unit to use:

Hose Genie uses and recommends Cyclo Vac Central Vacuum power units.  To find out why click on the button below: [WHY CYCLOVAC]

We’ve chosen the best machines in the Cyclo Vac lineup for retractable hose installation.  The main differences between the machines is power, with the exception of the GS135 which is in our line-up for jobs requiring a full power, but smaller sized unit.

All of the units will accomodate smaller sized installations than the square footage sizes recommended.  For examble all of the units will do an area from a few hundered square feet up to their recommended square footage. 

Because all Cyclo Vac units are built exceptionally well they are capable of handling more square footage than indicated.  The square footage indicated for each machine is a general recommendation. 

  • GS135: Up to to 7000 sq/ft – the GS135 is 1/2 the height of the other machines recommended and is ideal when you have limited space to mount the central vacuum power unit and uses a full size bag for collection.
  • H215: Up to 6000 sq/ft.
  • Quartz: Up to 12,000 sq/ft.
  • HX7515: Up to 20,000 sq/ft.

Larger homes, 6000 sq/ft and up may consider using more than one power unit and zoning the installation.  The advantage of a zoned system is having the ability to have more than one person cleaning at a time.