Hose Genie Retractable Hose System Central Vacuum Power Units

“Self-Retracting Hose Systems place higher demands on power units.   After years of research and testing, Hose Genie recommends the Cyclo Vac Brand Central Vacuums above all other brands tested.”  

Cyclo Vac

Power Units

 Built for Retractable Hose Systems

  • Max Airwatts
  • Models range for homes up to 20,000 sq/ft.
  • Systems with 1- 8 Self-Retracting Hoses
  • Ideal for Traditional Central Vacuum Systems as well
  • Hybrid System –  bagged or bagless instant conversion.
  • Hepa Bag Filtration, plus secondary hepa filter ensures super clean exhaust.
  • Incredible Air flow
  • Best in class Water lift H20 160
  • Multiple Turbines – Air Cooled Motor
  • 120 & 240 volt systems available
  • 5 Gallon Bag Capacity
  • Removes 100% Odor, Dust & Allergens from your home.
  • All Steel Consruction -Built in North America

“Your cleaning wish is Hose Genie’s command.”

Cyclo Vac is engineered like no other central power unit available today.  Our recommended units are built from the ground up to handle the increased demands of a retractable hose system.  With an Airwatts ratio perfectly balanced between volume of air movement and  waterlift measurements, Cyclo Vac Power Units  are built to handle the demands of  retractable hose systems.  Featuring sophisticated motor cooling protection as well as heat venting protocals, Hose Genie’s recommeded units won’t fail under stress like ordinary central vacuum power units due to reduced airflow from hoses ranging up to 60 feet. 

Choose the best retractable hose central vacuum power units today, Cyclovac.  Recommended by and available directly through Hose Genie.





Self-Cooling All Metal Motor

All Metal Construction, tuned for perfect balance between airflow and suction. Self-contained cooling fan.  Conical shaped intake. Built-in thermal overload protection.


Consumer Benefit

5 times more powerful than a traditional vacuum motor.   Designed to run cool under the high demands of retractable hose systems.  High airflow deep cleans carpeted areas and pulls dust from 6″ away on hard surfaces.  Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.


16 Guage Rolled Steel Construction

Poweder coated finish to standards exceeding automobile paint finishes on luxury vehicles.

All Steetl

Consumer Benefit

Hose Genie stands up to extreme conditions in HOT climates like Florida, Arizona, Texas as well as COLD climates of North Dakota, Michigan Upstate New York…  Central vacuums constructed out of plastic may save money in the short run, but tend to warp and lose suction through the years due to temperature changes.  Additionally plastic machines tend to absorb and hold odors making them unpleasant when it comes time to empty. 

Oversized Dust Container Latches

Oversized latches and smooth edges on bag release system.


Consumer Benefit

Changing the bag is a snap on the Hose Genie.  With our over-sized latches and convenient bag system,  only a minimal amount of effort is required.


Hybrid Filtration featuring Large HEPA Grade collection bag plus secondary Hepa filter.

Dual HEPA Filtration with an option to remove the primary HEPA bag and use the system as a bagless .

Bag system

Consumer Benefit

Given a choice 9 out of 10 consumers prefer the convenience of a bagged central vacuum system for ease of maintenace and sanitary disposal of dust, however we realize that some consumers prefer going bagless.  With our recommended Cyclo Vac units, you now have the choice to use a bag or simply remove the bag and go bagless.  No messy or difficult conversion necessary.