Super Luxe Attachment Kit

Super Luxe Attachment Kit



This deluxe vacuum attachment kit contains premium tools.  Above and beyond almost any other set of vacuum cleaning tools you may have used, the Luxe Kit tools use the very best materials and craftsmanship available.  Brush fibers are made from natural boars hair to ensure not only delicate cleaning of all surfaces but also years of use.

Super Luxe Brush Kit Contains:

  • 12" Natural Fiber floor brush with oversized cutouts to ensure larger debris as well as fine dust is picked up in the least amount of passes.
  • Boards Hair Dusting Brush features extra long, soft bristle that will clean exceptionally well and maintain their shape without bending or falling out.
  • Boars Hair Upholstery brush gently cleans your fabric and hard furniture surfaces delicately yet aggressively removing sand and pet hair.
  • Advanced Crevice tool is designed a little bit longer than most and is designed to ensure a constant flow of air to carry away dirt and debris out of tight corners and spaces.


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