Hose Genie Deluxe Wireless Handle

Hose Genie Deluxe Wireless Handle

Hose Genie Deluxe On/Off handle.


Hose Genie Deluxe ON/OFF handle  adds the convenience of an on/off button at your fingertips while vacuuming.  Turn your central vacuum system on or off with the simple press of a button without the need to travel back to the wall-inlet.  Extreme range allows for use in spaces up to 20,000 sq/ft.  Swivel connection insures your hose won't tangle and twist.  Advanced central vacuum power control automatically powers down your system to prevent motor overheating and burnout to prolong the life of your central vacuum's motor.  Unlike other remote on/off handles, the Deluxe Hose Genie handle also comes standard with a suction bleeder-valve allowing for cleaning of delicate surfaces by reducing suction when needed.


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