Hose Genie Auxiliary Installation Parts Kit

Hose Genie Auxiliary Installation Parts Kit

Auxiliary Retractable Hose Parts Kit

T connector with sweep 90. Useful for tying retractable hose run into trunk-line or existing piping in attic. Also used for auxiliary/garage inlet next to central vacuum power unit.
PVC Coupler
2" PVC Pipe connector
PVC Pipe Strap
Pipe strap used to secure 2" PVC.
Standard 90 Degree Sweep Elbow
90 degree PVC connector for standard central vac install. NOT TO BE USED WHERE RETRACTABLE HOSE PASSES THROUGH.


The Hose Genie Auxiliary parts kit contains a variety of PVC connectors and pipe straps to ensure that you will have all the parts on hand for each retractable hose inlet installed on your system.

(1) Kit + (10) 8' sticks of PVC Pipe is included with the purchase of each Hose Genie Inlet Kit.

Each Kit Contains:

  • (6) Sweep 90's
  • (6) Couplers
  • (8) Pipe Straps
  • (2) 45's
  • (1) Sweep-T


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