Hide-A-Hose/Hose Genie Inlet Valve

Hide-A-Hose/Hose Genie Inlet Valve

Hide-A-Hose HS5000W Inlet Valve



The Hose Genie Hide-A-Hose inlet valve is the most current self-retracting central vacuum inlet valve available today.  The HS5000 represents the ultimate convenience in central vacuum inlets available by the company that has single handedly revolutionized the central vacuum industry.

Why drag a hose and worry about storage when you can have a self-retracting Hose Genie Central Vacuum System.  The HS5000W inlet is a 5th generation design guaranteed to operate without fail giving you years of reliable service.  Easy self-locking hose length selector mechanism makes it easier than ever to use just the right amount of hose length for your cleaning job and allows any amount of hose for a few inches all the way up to 60 feet of cleaning hose.  When done, simply release the locking mechanism, place your hand over the suction end of the hose and watch as the hose automatically retracts for storage within seconds.


(Note: Older versions require upgraded parts and may fail over time - always make sure you're getting current stock versions - order from authorized vendors).

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Weight10 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3 in


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