Garage/Utility Valve Kit

Garage/Utility Valve Kit

Utility Valve Inlet


The Hose Genie Garage/Utility Valve Kit contains all the parts needed to at a utility valve to your central vacuum power unit.

While some lesser quality central vacuum power units come with a built in utility valve, the central vacuum power units recommended and sold by Hose Genie, do not.  Built-in valves tend to break over time and can not be replaced.  Plus, a built in valve on a central vacuum power unit necessitates the addition of an inconvenient on/off switch located on the body of a central vacuum power unit.

Hose Genie Garage/Utility inlets are installed to the PVC piping as it connects to your central vacuum power unit and use an inexpensive standard central vacuum hose allowing you to vacuum your vehicles and garage.

An external utility valve has the advantage of automatically turning your central vacuum system on as you plug in a standard central vacuum hose.  No more fumbling for an inconveniently located switch on the power unit.



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