The Cyclovac GS135 is compact to fit in tight spaces where you may need a top fill bag system.  At only 22.5 inches in height, don’t be fooled by its size.  The GS135 is not only quiet, but also powerful enough to handle up to a 7000 square foot home comfortably.

Central vacuum GS135

Air flow (CFM | CMH)130 | 221
Water lift H2O (in | mm)143.1 | 3634
Amps MAX15
Bag capacity (gal US | liter)5 | 22
Canister capacity (gal US | liter)|
Height (in | cm)22.5 | 57.2
Diameter (in | cm)14.1 | 35.8
Weight (lb | kg)22.2 | 10.1

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Homes up to 7000 square feet.

1 – 2 Retractable hoses up to 60 feet (WITH Hose Sock)

1 – 3 Retractable hoses up to 60 feet (WITHOUT Hose Sock)

Cyclo Vac GS115 | Up to 5000 sq/ft


  • Coverage Area:5000sq/ft
  • Airwatts: 560
  • Waterlift: 135″
  •  CFM: 124
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Cyclovac GS115 AT A GLANCE:

  • COVERAGE: Up to 5000 sq/ft 
  • INLET #: Up to (3) Inlets w/o socked hose / Up to (2) Inlets w/ socked hose
  • AIR WATTS: 560
  • SUCTION: 135"
  • CFM: 127

CycloVac GS115 Compact is an ideal central vacuum when space is an issue.  At only 22.8" in height, don't let this ultra quiet, top filling unit fool you.  While it may be half the height, it maintains all of the power of many units twice its size.  This diminutive powerhouse can easily accommodate areas up to 5000 square foot using 3 retractable hoses.  Time tested with thousands of retractable hose system installations, the GS115 is an excellent choice for any central vacuum system and has earned the Hose Genie Seal of Approval.