Carpet/Floor Turbine Head

Carpet/Floor Turbine Head

Carpet/Hard-floor multi surface Turbo Head Attachment


Cyclo Vac Multi-Surface Turbo Head is ideal for cleaning low to medium pile carpets and all hard floor surfaces.  High RPM rotating brush gently agitates carpet fibers to remove embedded dirt and restore carpet nap.  Soft rubberized wheels and recessed brush and soft rubber sweeping strip make this cleaning head ideal for cleaning all of your hard surfaces as well.   The highly efficient turbo cleaning action engages as suction is applied eliminating the need for external wiring or power source.  Automatic hard surface/carpet height adjustment.

Light weight and maneuverable with swivel action, this attachment cleans exceptionally well and is easy to use.

Permanent lifetime belt system is engineered to stop when an obstruction is detected, preventing broken belts.

Easy clean-out access makes it a breeze to clean out over-sized debris accidentally picked up.

1 Year Warranty.


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