90° PVC Elbow for Retractable Hose

90° PVC Elbow for Retractable Hose

Retractable 90° Elbow


Hose Genie 90° Elbow is an exaggerated 90° fitting with a radius several times that of a standard fitting.  The larger radius allows for greatly reduced friction as the retractable hose travels inside the suction return piping of your central vacuum system.


  • Up to (8) 90° fittings can be used on each retractable hose run when using a non sock covered hose.
  • It is recommended to use no more than (4) 90° fittings per hose when using a retractable hose with a sock covering due to increased friction.  Using more than the recommended amount may make your retractable hose difficult to pull out and slow to retract.
  • When using sock covered hoses, do not use 90's back to back.


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