2800 Sq/Ft Hide-A-Hose Complete Installation Package w/ Cyclovac GS115

2800 Sq/Ft Hide-A-Hose Complete Installation Package w/ Cyclovac GS115

This Hose Genie exclusive GS115 package contains everything you need to install a Hide-A-Hose, self-retracting hose central vacuum system in homes up to 2800 square feet like the H215 package, but features the powerful, yet space-saving Cyclovac GS115 power unit Hose Genie leaves nothing out. Even the recommended 8-foot full-length PVC pipe required for installation is included.  Absolutely nothing has been left out.  You supply the basic construction tools and labor.  Hose Genie has you covered for everything else.


Hide-A-Hose 2800 sq/ft InstallationGS115 Hose Genie 2800 Sq/Ft Complete Hide-A-Hose Installation Kit Package

Everything & more that you need to install a complete Hide-A-Hose Self-Retracting Hose system in your home up to 2800 Sq/Ft.

Hose Genie 2800 Square Foot Hide-A-Hose complete installation kit plus Cyclovac GS115 compact central vacuum power unit is the perfect combination for the installation of your retractable hose central vacuum system when space for the power unit matters.  The GS115 is a full power unit, yet 1/2 the height of traditional central vacuum power units measuring 22.8 inches in height.  The GS115 uses a full size central vacuum bag..  This comprehensive and well-thought-out package contains everything needed for the perfect self-retracting hose central vacuum system installation.  Nothing has been left out. The only thing you need to provide is basic installation tools and labor.


What's Included?

Cyclovac Power Unit.  Comprehensive Hide-A-Hose installation kit.  Cleaning Tools.  Full length PVC 2″ pipe.  Miscellaneous parts needed for installation.

Cyclovac H215 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Hose Genie 60″ Primary Installation Kit (No Sock)

Hose Genie Hide-A-Hose installation packages are the most comprehensive and well thought out installation packages on the market today.  After thousands of hands-on installations, Hose Genie puts our installation packages together from practical first hand knowledge.  We know what it takes to install retractable central vac systems and we back-up our installation packages with expert advice if you have questions.

Hide-A-Hose Kits Include FULL LENGTH, 8 FOOT PVC PIPE.  This is an extremely important factor to consider when ordering parts for the installation of your Hide-A-Hose system.  Don’t make the mistake of ordering a kit that only contains 5 foot sections of PVC.  While 5 foot PVC sections dramatically decrease the cost of shipping, they increase the potential for problems with a retractable hose system.


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