Hide-A-Hose Installation

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend warrior, the Hide-A-Hose installation for a central vacuum retractable hose system from Hose Genie is a relatively easy DIY project.

Hide-A-Hose Installation  101

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What tools do I need?

No special tools required…

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Installation Videos?

New Construction & Existing.

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Installation guide?

How to, what to avoid and more.

Floor Plans?  We’re happy to review and offer suggestions:

HoseGenie.com offers the most complete Hide-A-Hose installation kits on the market at competitive prices.  From PVC pipe to the power-unit – We take the frustration and guesswork out of what you need to order for a successful Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system installation.

Hide A Hose Tools TOOLS NEEDED?


If you can cut PVC Pipe and use a drill, then you can install a Hide-A-Hose |Hose Genie Self-Retracting Hose Central Vacuum System. Hide-A-Hose Installation is easier than you think.

This is a great project for a weekend DIY warrior to tackle with installations taking less than a day in new or existing construction and requiring only basic handyman skills.

No special tools required for installation:

  • Hacksaw or PVC Pipe Cutter.
  • Electric or Rechargeable Drill
  • 2″ Hole Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wire Cutter & Stripper
  • Handheld Drywall Saw
  • Razor Knife

DIY Skill level (1 - 10)

Hours Required Per Inlet

Installation Videos

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– Video 1:  New Construction Installation by Hide-A-Hose (9:37)

– Video 2: Recently completed (9:15) installation by Just Central Vacuums

– Video 3: Video Intall guide by Trovac (new & existing construction) (11:40)

– Video 4: Existing Home Installation by Hide-A-Hose. (8:22)

– Video 5: Existing Home Installation by VacWorks (4:20)


Call Hose Genie with any install questions:

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Still have questions after reviewing the videos and installation guide? 

Hose Genie Installation Guide

The installation guide below is in a “magazine” format.  Turn the pages using the arrows < > to the right and left of the guide, or you can turn the pages manually by placing your cursor on a page edge, holding down your cursor button and pulling left or right. 

If you would like to download the installation guide, look for the printer and download icons below the installation guide:

Download and Print Manual

Client Testimonials

“The Hose Genie Kit had everything we needed, just like they said.  The quality, fit and finish was perfect.  Thank you Hose Genie!

Chris Thier

Home Owner - DIY

“Installation and renovations in an older home were a snap with Hose Genie.  We added two inlets to a home addition and couldn’t be happier with your product”

Nicky Chandler

Restoration Specialist

“Hose Genie made it easy to order the right equipment.  Easy to work with and when I had questions, their support and guidance was invaluable.”

Charles Lardans