Hide-A-Hose Installation Packages

#1 Best Selling Most Complete Hide-A-Hose Installation Package Available

Hose Genie takes the guesswork out of ordering everything you need for your Hide-A-Hose self-retracting hose central vacuum system.  Everything is included, from our “Best In Class” Cyclovac Central Vacuum Power Units right down to the proper 8 foot lengths of 2″ PVC piping, nothing has been left out.  Rest assured, when you order a Hose Genie installation package we take care of all of the details, the only thing you need to supply is basic installation tools and labor.

As a special bonus, when you order any of our Complete Hose Genie Installation Packages, we include FREE OF CHARGE, our Precision PVC Pipe Cutter and our Award Winning PVC Deburring Tool.  (a $114.90 Value)