Why should I buy an installation kit? | Do I need one inlet or more? | What happens if I get a clog? | Why is Hose Genie different from other parts sellers? | How do I know what power unit to purchase? | Should I use a socked hose or a standard hose? | Can I add a Hide-A-Hose to an existing system? | Should I use a powered carpet head or will an air powerhead carpet head do? | How long will this take to install? | We’re do I begin??

You’ve got questions.  We have answers! Hose Genie has installed thousands of Hide-A-Hose inlets and we’re here to help.  We love to talk about Hide-A-Hose and there’s no better way to see if Hide-A-Hose and our all-inclusive installation kits are a good fit for your project.  Book a no-obligation conversation a retractable hose expert and get answers to all of your questions.  We’re looking forward making your decision to install a Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System in your home a simple one.

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