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Hose Genie Retractable Hose System Central Vacuum Power Unit

Hose Genie Power Unit

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Hose Genie


Built for Retractable Hose Systems

  • 700 Max Airwatts
  • Self-regulating for homes upto 20,000 sq/ft.
  • Removes 100% Odor, Dust & Allergens from your home.
  • Air flow (CFM 120)
  • Water lift H20 160
  • 3 Turbines – Air Cooled Motor
  • 120 Volts, Max Amps 14.6
  • 5 Gallon Bag Capacity


The Hose Genie power is engineered with exceptional features that provide benefits with our customers in mind.  We started as system installers and found that almost every other central vacuum power system fell short when it came to retractable hose systems power requirements.  Adding to the increased demands on power was restricted airflow caused by longer hoses causing opperate at higher temperatures that lead to premature falure.  What we came up with is the Ultimate Central Vacuum Power Unit that not only works with retractable hose systems, the Hose Genie can also be used on conventional central vacuum systems in homes up to 20,000 square feet and provide exceptional cleaning performance with a lifetime of trouble free service. Hose Genie is engineered better than any other machine in it’s class.

At the heart of the Hose Genie power-unit is an all metal motor with 3 turbo fans to create the perfect balance between airflow and suction.  The top portion of the motor is designed with it’s own cooling fan to assure a lifetime of service.
To provide a lifetime guarantee against manufacturers defects, the Hose Genie Power Unit is made of 16 gauge rolled steel.  The finished product is powder coated in actic white to specifications exceeding many luxury automobiles to protect from the elements.
All Steetl
At Hose Genie, we always keep customer satisfaction in mind.  Even though you typically empty the oversized dirt containter once a year or less, easy access is a key feature experienced central vacuum users demand.
After years of testing and constant improvements, Hose Genie found that heat is the #1 factor limiting the life of most central vacuum units.  The Hose Genie power unit double vents all of our machines to guarantee a lifetime of trouble free service.
Dual Venting
Bag system
At Hose Genie, we understand that you install a central vacuum system for exceptional cleaning performance as well as the ultimate in convenience.  With convenience in mind, our units feature an oversized dust bag  that only needs to be emptied once each year or every other year depending on usage.