The #1 Hide-A-Hose Installation Kit

for central vacuum
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“Hide-A-Hose installs in new and existing homes as a complete system or add-on to your current central vacuum for the ultimate in cleaning efficiency and convenience. Hose Genie makes installation a snap with our Hide-A-Hose Installation Kit”


No need of storage space for your hose.

It automatically stores itself inside the piping system, right behind the inlet, with just the suction power of your central vacuum thanks to the Hide-A-Hose Installation kit available from Hose Genie.


A Hose behind every inlet.  Your central vacuum is always within your reach.  You can therefore take advantage of its power to clean occasional dry messes in an instant.  With Hose Genie’s Hide-A-Hose Installation kit, each inlet cleans up to 2800 sq/ft


No hose to carry from inlet to inlet.  Hose Genie is more convenient for quick clean ups than a traditional hose.  Pull out just the length of hose you need and make it disappear behind the walls within seconds after your cleaning!

How does it work?

To Start

Vacuuming your home couldn’t be easier when the hose is stored in the inlet. 

Simply pull out the length of hose you need at the moment and connect the attachments of your choice.

Slide the hose locking mechanism to the right to secure the hose and activate the system with the red pull switch.

When Finished

Like magic, Hose Genie practically puts it self away.  No more winding a bulky hose and storing it in the garage.

Slide the hose release mechanism to the left to unlock the hose.

Disconnect the attachments and put your hand over the opening to allow the hose to retract.

Close the door to stop the system.

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