Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a Hose Genie Central Vacuum System be added to an existing home?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieYes!  The Hose Genie system is the perfect central vacuum system to add to an existing home and is less complicated to install than traditional central vacuum systems.

Q: Can Hose Genie be installed on an existing central vacuum system?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieYes!  The Hose Genie Self-Retracting Hose is the perfect upgrade to existing central vacuum systems.

Q: How does the Hose Genie system retract the hose?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieThe Hose Genie retraction system uses the suction from your central vacuum to pull the hose back into the inlet.  There are no motors, springs or mechanical systems required for the Hose Genie System to work, thereby ensuring years of trouble free convenience.

Q: Where does the hose go?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieThe Hose Genie Hose is conveniently stored inside of the air return piping inside of your walls and attic space.  Since the hose never winds or coils when stored, the Hose Genie hose lasts many times longer than a standard central vacuum hose.

Q: When is the best time to schedule the installation of Hose Genie in new construction?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieThe best time to arrange for installation of the Hose Genie in new construction is after electric and plumbing are run and before drywall is installed.

If construction is already past this point, don’t worry.  Hose Genie can be installed in most homes even after construction is completed.


Q: How much does Hose Genie cost?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieYou can use $1/sq/ft as a very rough estimate for a complete Hose Genie installation which includes labor, parts, materials and equipment.  Prices vary depending on location, options and construction.

There is a minimum installation price of around $2900.00 for homes under 3000 sq/ft due to materials and equipment costs.

Q: How many Hose Genie inlets will I need?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieYou will need a minimum of (1) Hose Genie Inlet for every 3000 square feet that you need to clean if you are using a 60 foot Hose Genie Inlet.

For comparison, a standard central vacuum system uses a 30 foot hose which is only capable of cleaning up to 800 square feet.

Each Hose Genie inlet is capable of storing up to a 60 foot hose.  A 60 foot hose can clean up to 3000 square feet.  Most homes under 3000 sq/ft require only one inlet to conveniently clean the entire home.

Q: How many Hose Genie Inlets can I have?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieYou will need only (1) Hose Genie Inlet for each 3000 sq/ft.  However you can additional inlets for convenience if desired.  There is no limits to the number of inlets you can install on a properly designed Hose Genie System.

As an other consideration, Hose Genie Inlets are available with hose lengths of 40, 50 and 60 foot.  Your Authorized Hose Genie Installer can advise you of the optimal length for your installation.

Q: Is a 60 foot hose difficult to manage?

Quite the contrary when using a Hose Genie Hose.   The Hose Genie hose is unlike any other central vacuum hose that you’ve ever used.  Our hoses are less than half the weight of a standard central vacuum hose.  Our newest hose is made of space age polymer and molded with soft structural ribbing which has been rounded on the outside so that it gently glides around corners, baseboards and fine furniture without scratching or catching.   Instead of having to manually wind-up and store a Hose Genie Hose, our hose automatically retracts back into the inlet when you are finished vacuuming is less than 20 seconds.

When you need to vacuum, Hose Genie is always ready.  Simply open up the inlet and pull out only as much hose as you need, anywhere from 5 feet to the entire 60 foot length.  With a standard central vacuum system, you’ll need to run to your garage or hose storage area and retrieve a 30 foot hose for even the smallest of cleaning tasks.

Instead of dragging a typical central vacuum hose from inlet to inlet every 800 square feet, the Hose Genie hose is capable of cleaning up to 3000 square feet of area.

Hose Genie Hoses are crush-proof.  Never worry again about stepping on or even driving your car over the hose if your using it to vacuum your automobile and forget to put it away.

Q: What makes a Hose Genie System different from other Self-Retracting hose systems.

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieHose Genie is a designation earned by only the central vacuum industries best installers.  While there are other self-retracting hose systems on the market, a Hose Genie installation is a designation only given to the highest quality retractable hose installations and typically include substantially upgraded options.

Hose Genie Self-Retracting Hose Systems come with a remote on/off handle that controls the system from where ever you are vacuuming.  Similar self-retracting hose systems require you to return to the inlet, up to 60 feet away if you want to turn off the suction.

Our installers use the highest grade piping for our retractable hose systems.  Less experienced installers use economy PVC piping which produces increased friction on the retraction system causing problems in the future.

Hose Genie installers double strap the return/retracting piping insuring no warped or separated pipes in your walls and attic.

Hose Genie installers ONLY use the newest inlet systems on the market today.  While there have been 3 -4 generations and improvements on the self-retracting hose valve system, Hose Genie installers use the latest designs and systems available.

Our installers only use premium, all metal, central vacuum power units.  Other installers cut corners to save money offering installations with plastic central vacuum power units that can warp and loose vacuum seal, especially in hotter climates.

Authorized Hose Genie installers guarantee their work.

Q: What happens if my Hose Genie system gets clogged?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieThe Hose Genie system is less likely to get clogged than a traditional system because our hoses retract into the central vacuum piping system.  If Hose Genie experiences a clog, the obstruction will be located in the hose itself due to the hose having a smaller diameter than the air return piping the system uses.  Simply remove the Hose Genie Hose by pulling the full length of hose out of the wall and gently tugging on the very end that feeds into the inlet.  The hose will remove with very little effort.  Inset the tool end of the hose into the inlet opening and turn your system on.  Since most clogs are directional in nature, reversing the suction on the hose removes over 90% of all clogs.

For the 10% of clogs that can not be removed by reversing the suction, use a 30 foot plumbers snake which is a thin long metal device available at most hardware stores, to remove the clog.  Unlike conventional central vacuum hoses, there are no electrical wires running through the Hose Genie hose so it is safe to use a plumbers snake for difficult clogs.

Q: Can the hose be replaced?

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieYes. The Hose Genie Hose is simple to replace and requires no tools if you need to do so.  The Hose Genie Hose is much more durable than a standard hose and should never need to be replaced.  If you ever have need to replace the Hose Genie Hose, parts are readily available and the hose typically costs less than a standard central vacuum system hose.

Q: Does the Hose Genie Central Vacuum System require maintenance.

Self-Retracting Central Vacuum Hose Logo Hose GenieNo!  Hose Genie does not require any maintenance or service for the retractable hose system.

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